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Washing Poodles

I'd been handing out resumes for a month or so before quitting EB, mainly looking for an Admin or Personal Assistant job. As I was on my way to drop a resume at a local bank, I walked past a Veterinary clinic. Hesitantly, thinking that I wouldn't get a position there due to lack of experience but feeling optimistic, I dropped a resume in there too.

Time passed, I quit EB and didn't work for about a month and a half. In this time, Ernie fell ill again, my Mum ended up in hospital with acute undiagnosed abdominal pain, my personal life was rocky and apart from just missing out on a position at the aforementioned bank, job opportunities were scarce. Depression kicked in, and I resigned from my position on the PAniC board.

The past few weekends I've gone PTUBing with Kitta, spent a weekend up in Busselton with Cesca, K-chan and Amelia and had sleepovers with Rhianne and Adele. Thankyou all for your awesome company and friendship! Much love <3~

Last Tuesday I received a call from the Veterinary clinic asking if I was interested in a Kennel Hand/Animal Attendant position! The interview was yesterday (Tuesday) morning, and I received another call that afternoon inviting me back for my first day, which was today (Wednesday)!

So far, I've experienced the following -

Cleaning: bleaching and sterilizing cages, washing and drying blankets/towels/surgical garments.
Feeding: replenishing water, following specified dietary needs.
Exercising: Taking animals outside for a quick walk or toilet break, and a pat!
Bathing: Shampooing, washing and drying. Today I got to bathe an elderly poodle named Benjamin who was lovely!

All the staff I've met so far have been really friendly, there's a good team of doctors and nurses and everyone works together, helping each other where possible.

If I'm good enough at what I do, the clinic can offer me a Veterinary Nurse traineeship, and I can keep going up from there!

Really happy I ignored that doubting little voice in the back of my head. I'm reminded of that saying about competitions, "You've got to be in it to win it!".

Ernie recovered quickly, Mum's feeling much better, my personal life is dandy, Alex and I have been a couple for about 4 months and I have a great, opportunity-filled job.

I'm all smiles :D.

What's Been Going On?

Hello! As it's hard to catch up with everyone nowadays an updated blog here and there can do wonders to help keep in touch.

I have been a busy little bumblemoo. When I'm not working I'm job hunting. Current job has been great for the most part, but I need stable hours and I really want to get into the animal care industry, so as to move onwards into my ultimate goal - Becoming an RSPCA officer! (PS: If you know of anywhere that I may be interested in, feel free to drop me a message!)

Finally acquired my proof of age card and was able to flaunt it last weekend! Despite the photo making me look like an uber-suicidal goth it's working, and I had a lovely time at Bobby Dazzlers with Alex's mates.

Actually, last weekend was really fun! It was the lovely K-chan's birthday dinner at Utopia - A vegetarian restaurant. They serve fake meat which is vegetable protein based and it's SO GOOD. Alex and I ordered the "Salty Crispy Chicken" as an entree and it tastes just like KFC chicken but without the fat, oil, grease and nasty aftertaste! We then joined everyone, who I've missed terribly, for some sexy karaoke (I say sexy because of K-chan's table dancing) and socialising before heading off to meet Alex's mates at the above mentioned Bobby Dazzlers. They're a lovely bunch of guys and girls, hilarious company! I was greeted with lovely hugs too <3. After trawling the streets of Perth Alex, Lloyd, Chris and myself headed off to Timezone to join up with the rest of K-chan's sassy group where there were Tekken and purikura adventures abound. Sorry to brag, but I was vs-ing Chris at Tekken 6, we were on the final round, when Alex tapped me on the shoulder to say that he and Lloyd were off to find something old school, I turned and wasn't looking at the screen (button mashing away) and beat Chris! Zafira is pretty cool, her crazy sexy snake dance moves are trippy. It was good seeing heaps of you! I don't think I got to say hello to everyone, and if you're someone I didn't make contact with I'm sorry :(. Alex said you were all an awesome bunch too, he loved meeting you!

Which leads me to my next subject; Alex.
Some of you met this handsome man last weekend, but for those of you who haven't, Alex is my best friend and my boyfriend.
We have awesome adventures together, crack each other up, nerd it up, share music and care about each other a lot. I think he said something almost identical about me in his blog, re-reading that last sentence..
I am very smitten with him. It's so comfortable. We're excellent communicators, both believing firmly in honesty, no bullshit. I trust him 100%. I can completely be myself around him. He takes care of me, and puts the biggest smiles on my face! We encourage each other and help where we can while still respecting each other's choices. His family is gorgeous! And so is he. I'm insanely attracted to him, always get butterflies when I see him, or even photos of him! And he gives the best kisses and cuddles. And his art is amazing. And he cooks yummy food!

I adore him.

Been playing "Donkley Kong Country" on the GBA; I am pretty sucktastic at it, which only serves to fuel my determination to get better! Would like to get the "New Super Mario Bros" on DS too, it's really fun. And "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" looks good. And I should probably play "Zelda: Twilight Princess" more, Wolf Link is awesome! Would love to hook my Wii up to the internets too so as to vs people at Mario Kart and Guitar Hero!

A question to my girl friends - I'm interested in learning how to curl my hair; Is there a curler you'd recommend, any tips you'd like to share, any time you can spare to have a girly day together? Let me know!

My future's looking really good too; planning a trip to the Gold Coast with Mr. Alex and I'm going to start getting my license sorted. The freedom that comes with driving would be much appreciated! And my tattoo, haven't forgotten about that!

I'm really happy.
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Was sent flowers at work today, "because you're beautiful". Whoever you are, thankyou very much!
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What The Bleep Do We Know?

There is no higher being controlling our existence. We are our own "God". Everything is chemical, scientific, biological. We are our thoughts and emotions. Those thoughts and emotions release chemicals into our body, which are received by the cells that compose us. Just as heroin is addictive, so are our natural chemicals. Did you know that nothing actually ever touches? The ions react to each other and create an electrical charge that causes them to bounce off of one another. The actual atom/matter composition never touches.

Life is experience, and we experience things via our five senses. Everything is perception and how one deciphers the electrical impulses in their brain. Which would imply that, as everyone's experiences are unique, that several millions of realities are all existing at once.

We control everything about our lives.

Native American Metaphor

A grandfather was talking to his grandson about how he felt.
He said, “I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart.
One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one.
The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one.”
The grandson asked him,
“Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?”
The grandfather answered, “The one I feed.”



It has been brought to my attention that getting my own computer would prove both useful and convinient.

I propose the following; If anyone has an old computer or will be upgrading in the future, may I please have your unwanted model? It doesn't have to be fancy, mostly just for internet useage and storing my stuff on.


- Tahlia

PS: I'd also like a TV so as to play videogames in the comfort of my room. Oh god, that'd be sweet.